Saints Burger Joint – Super food, music and vibe at Eden on the Bay

A typical dinner date with the one you love is at an eatery with white linen, soft orchestral background music, sparkles, candles and fine dining food. Saints is none of this – and yet our date at Saints Burger Joint goes down as one of our most favourite and memorable dates. The live band plays music that is loud and stirs up something inside you to start singing along. Your feet start tapping beneath the table, and if you dare to have one too many G&T’s you might let your feet use your table as the dance floor. The light is dim and dark with little oil lamp candles burning at each table. There is enough light to see the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes – if that’s what you are into. The food is so good. I was expecting mediocre food – I mean a place on the beach that sports live music and a club-like vibe – almost feels like a typical American diner-style burger should be served. But let me assure you – the food is to die for! Big, juicy delicious burgers and pizzas that will haunt your memories for days after. This is the summary of our experience at Saints Burger joint.

The food at Saints Burger Joint ranges from burgers (sorry for stating the obvious), grills, salads, pizzas and a interesting variety of “nibbles”.

If you are a vegetarian, this restaurant is not a complete nightmare for you as they have portobello mushroom burgers, salads and a selection of vegetarian pizzas. I must say though – if I was a vegetarian I would opt to make my own burger as that seems to be the most appealing vegetarian option in my opinion.

I ordered a Proud Mary burger – the bun was crispy on the inside and soft on the outside – it did not disintegrate into a thousand crumbs when I bit into it. The lamb patty was thick and juicy and delicious and the accompaniments a perfect match. I opted to have hand cut fries and a salad to go with it. The meal was amazing. At Saints Burger Joint you can either build your own burger, or opt for a burger on their “Jukebox” menu.  I love that you can custom build your own burger and I think next time I will give this a shot.

Saints Burger Joint

Husby ordered a Sweet Dreams Pizza (sweet garlic tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto chicken, feta, peppadews and olives). The crust was thin and crispy – just the way we like it and the toppings were not scarce. The flavours on the pizza merged so well and left a sort of sweet and tangy after taste lingering behind. They have a very interesting pizza menu.

Saints Burger Joint

To drink I had a Pink Dragon which is a cocktail of Bacardi Oakheart Spiced, fiery dragon ginger beer, lime and raspberries. It was very refreshing and tasty. I forgot to take a picture of this drink (oops sorry! I got too involved with the vibe!) But I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have too much of a sweet palate for drinks.

Thank you to Saints for an amazing meal and a date with a difference! If you would like to give Saints a try you will find them at Eden on the Bay in Big Bay. Check out their menu on their website or visit their Facebook page to keep up to date with which bands will be playing when.

**Disclaimer: Saints Burger Joint did not know that I intended to do this blog post. I paid for the meal and drinks myself. The images are my own as well as the opinions.**


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