Joziburg Lane – A New Joburg Food Market

Joziburg Lane – loud music, an array of street food, a couple of food trucks, a cocktail bar and decadent sweets. Husby and I went to check the market out ahead of its permanent opening party on Friday 2 September.

Driving there was hair raising! My gps lost signal under a bridge and we kind of had to try figure it out. City roads are confusing  as they are so full of one ways.

We eventually found it and parked on the street. Whilst heading into the market, a friendly security guard reminded us that we are indeed in Joburg CBD and that it is not safe to park on the street and directed us to roof top parking. Well this felt a hang of a lot safer and the views of the city lit up and night from up there were beautiful. So beautiful I told Husby that I think the market should rather be on the roof top!

view from the top Joziburg Lane
view from the top Joziburg Lane

After enjoying the view among some building rubble, we made our way down what felt like hundreds of stairs. On the way down, I couldn’t help but think about the legwork coming  back up again! At least our meal was worked off!

The set up of the market is good. It has a nice flow to it. Once inside – besides the ethnic-urban centric music that just fitted right in to the scene, you actually tended to forget that you were in the CBD. The lights and music and smells and sights were just so dominating that the market soon became your focus. Which is a good thing!

We absolutely loved it. Loved the vibe. We loved the food. Loved the music. We loved the people. I loved that we didn’t just walk into a restaurant, sit down, read the menu, place our orders, eat and go home. It was more interactive. On the way home, driving past a multitude of restaurants, I felt really grateful for our experience as at that moment, the idea of restaurants seemed boring.

We walked around and chatted to all the vendors about their product before deciding what we would order. Then we got some drinks. Husby had a gourmet milkshake with Ferrer Rocher chocolates and nutella and I had a gin and tonic.

Gin and Tonic Joziburg Lane
Joziburg Lane

Joziburg Lane

We then went to Braeside and ordered a braai of beef short ribs and veg to share as a starter. Went up to the deck, that overlooks the crafters market, with our meat and veg and just enjoyed our surroundings. The meat was very tasty although a little tough. I just love the idea that you can choose your meat pack and they braai it for you. If we have to go back – they would be a huge contender for my order.

Braeside Joziburg Lane
Braeside Short Ribs
Crafters Market Joziburg Lane
Crafters Market

For mains I had a chicken dish from Quick Thyme and Husby had a stir-fry from On the Go. The mains were not good choices. My dish had a strange taste and the chicken an unpleasant texture. Husby’s stir-fry was way too salty.

Quick Thyme Joziburg Lane
Quick Thyme Joziburg Lane Chicken Dish

For pudding, I had an Oreos and Cream deconstructed cheesecake from KT’s Cakes. It was very tasty. Husby is not a pudding person so didn’t have any himself. I took my pudding as a take away and enjoyed it at home.

Deconstructed Cheesecake Joziburg Lane
Deconstructed Cheesecake

On the way out we went to Curbside Cafe – a food truck in an old volksie. Husby had a latte and I opted for a Red Cappuccino. My cappuccino was devine! Loved every sip. They also sold churros which we didn’t order as we were stuffed good and proper. However, while placing our order, someone came to the truck and just shouted out at the guy serving us how their coffee and churros are the best.  I will take his word for it.

Curbside Cafe Churros Joziburg Lane
Curbside Cafe Churros Joziburg Lane

All in all we had such a fun night out! It is a highlight in my life and goes down as one of our best dates! On Friday 2 September they open the market permanently – I would suggest making your way down there if you are in the mood for a good night.

It did lack some staying power however and our night out ended at 21:30. I would like to see maybe some live muso’s playing there or some entertainment – I think people would then stay longer and possibly be tempted to spend more.

Joziburg Lane


**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the food myself. The opinions are my own. The Photos are my own.

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