The Hart Breadhouse and Eatery in Melkbosstrand

Just listen to the name of this restaurant – The Hart breadhouse (what doesn’t sound delicious about this?) and eatery (eat . bread . hart – I am in foodie heaven just reading the name of this eatery! I had to try it! The Hart Breadhouse and Eatery! Hmmm!

As soon as the kids went back to school – and I mean the very day – no wait – the very morning –  after dropping them off we made our way to where our heart is and the town we so wish to live in one day – Melkbosstrand. We wanted to find an interesting and different place to eat. Something that was wholesome and fulfilling and beautiful. We found The Hart Breadhouse and Eatery and couldn’t resist it! Oh how I have missed breakfast dates with my love! Who is with me – these December holidays seemed to drag on forever!?

It was a sunny and beautiful morning so we opted to sit outside, smell the, uhm, fresh salty air (chuckling to myself here – yes the air is fresh but oh so salty!) and watch the beautiful waves crush over the rocks and work their way through the kelp forests that sway in the sea.

The Hart is short on umbrellas and soon our table was hot, Husby had forgotten his sunglasses at home so he was squinting at me and it got a little uncomfortable. I am one of those people that waiters probably hate – but as soon as a table in the shade become available – we hopped up, moved our coffees over and enjoyed the rest of our stay right there – plus it was closer to the beautiful sea. Bonus all the way round!

The waitress’s name was Megan – and I easily remember this because it is my sister’s name. Normally the names of people don’t stick – this is a very bad attribute and one I definitely need to work on! She was efficient, fast, in control and friendly. She was just great and we appreciated her service plenty!

On their menu they brag about the cold brew coffee and how you just have to try it! I ordered one of these – but I guess all the December vacationers took to the advise of the eatery and they were sold out – I was sad! I just settled for the run of the mill latte as did Husby.

The Hart Cold Brew Coffee
Megan did show me what the Cold Brew Coffee looked like. It does intrigue me and I hope that the next time I go – it will be in stock.
The Hart Latte
Cafe Latte
The Hart Menu
Just a snippet from their breakfast menu – they have the good old favourites along with some interesting options. I believe this is what makes a well rounded menu.

I ordered Gary’s Breakfast. Everything except the candied tomatoes were good. I actually landed up giving the candied tomatoes to Husby. I know there is a big trend for sweet and salty – but somehow this combination didn’t work for me on this particular morning.

The Hart
Gary’s Breakfast

Husby had the Salmon, chorizo and cream cheese egg white crepe. I don’t think he realised that this was a small and dainty dish and so he gladly took my tomatoes – and tasted each component of my meal too. He said the taste was all there – just that it didn’t fill his man sized belly.

The Hart
Egg White Crepe

All in all, we had a wonderful time at The Hart. We enjoyed the view, the food, the waitress and the coffee.  If you would like to find out more about them – you can follow them on Facebook.

**Disclaimer: The Hart had no idea that I was doing this post. The opinions are my own. The photos are my own. **

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