Geelbek Restaurant at West Coast National Park

This last week I had the absolute spoil of being taken to West Coast National Park by Husby. It is sheer paradise there – nothing in South Africa compares in my opinion. While there our tummies started rumbling and we went to Geelbek Restaurant – the only restaurant within the reserve. I expected a very rustic setup, nothing charming at all – and with no playground, so I prepped my kids telling them to expect no playground and to be satisfied just sitting at the table with us.

Oh boy was I surprised! So beautiful there! The restaurant overlooks the cyan coloured lagoon speckled with salmon coloured flamingos performing for us. There was a playground – and not a mingly little rusting steelframe one piece! It was a wooden playground that no doubt could use a little maintenance – but it was big and more than sufficient for the Littles. Included in their playground was an obstacle course which kept Little Miss Sunshine entertained for minutes! (If you have kids you will know how small their attention span is – and that this in fact is impressive!)

The food was expensive though. The Littles shared chicken strips and chips – one plate cost R70 which is double any other restaurant kiddies meal. I was expecting the portion size to be substantial but was disappointed with this – 3 finger wide chicken strips and a small handful of chips. My kids wolfed it down – it tasted good. But were left unsatisfied in the end. I assume the prices are high due to their far out location.

Husby and I didn’t order from their menu but from their blackboard – they have a different blackboard menu everyday apparently.

Geelbek Restaurant blackboard
Geelbek Restaurant blackboard

We ordered mussels – I had mussels in white wine sauce. It was served with sweet potato bread which I shared with Little Miss Sunshine and a summer salad. It was the perfect lunch for me! Husby had Mussels under the African Sun which was served with a summer salad. These were R95 each. The portions were huge and so delicious! I love mussels, Husby is now a converted mussel eater as he wasn’t mad about them before. Spectacular lunch!

Mussels in White Wine Sauce Geelbek Restaurant
Mussels in White Wine Sauce Geelbek Restaurant
Mussels Under The African Sun Geelbek Restaurant

The set up was so beautiful. Gazebos decorated with white curtains made for the perfect atmosphere. 

Geelbek Restaurant Gazebo

Little birdies came to visit our table – and although can seem to be a bit pesty as they were wanting to nip the Littles food – I found them quite amusing to watch.

Geelbek restaurant birdie

We are moving to Cape Town in December and I am looking forward to frequenting Geelbek! They have a Christmas Buffet and a Flower Season Buffet which sound amazing.

If you find yourself in the area – do yourself a favour – go soak up some African sun in a little piece of African paradise! Next time I will try get there a little earlier to explore more of the park – and perhaps spot some whales or feel mesmerized by the magnificent wild flowers. I look forward to all my future visits to the West Coast National Park!

To find out more about Geelbek Restaurant, follow them on Facebook here.


**Disclaimer: The Restaurant was not aware that I was doing this post. I paid for the meal myself. The opinions and photos are my own**

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