Crumbs n Smiles – Cupcakes at 27 Boxes Melville

So yesterday you read about our lunch at The Countess at 27 Boxes

After lunch we decided to head to the container that sells macaroons – I think it was called Camillas Macaroons. Unfortunately they were closed. So we backtracked to a shop called Crumbs n Smiles where we saw a lady decorating cakes and tinkering away.

27 Boxes Crumbs & Smiles

When we walked into this little shop within 27 Boxes, I noticed a sign that advertised their Sunday special – 2 cupcakes for R30. So we decided we would each have a cupcake. But the choices seemed too good so we opted to share 3 between us. They had 4 flavours to choose from. Strawberry, Vanilla, Oreos & Cream and Chocolate Merlot.

27 Boxes Crumbs & Smiles

These seem like rather ordinary flavours (except the Chocolate Merlot) but they were decorated so beautifully that we couldn’t resist. We decided to buy Vanilla, Oreos & Cream and Chocolate Merlot. The vanilla cupcake was very ordinary tasting. Nothing wow-ed me about the flavour. This was Husby’s choice as it had a cake pop as decoration. The Oreos & Cream was tasty but it didn’t compete with the Chocolate Merlot cupcake which was my favourite. It had a creamy hidden centre which is always nice and the flavour was unique and satisfying!

27 Boxes Crumbs & Smiles
Vanilla, Oreos & Cream, Chocolate Merlot

27 Boxes Crumbs & Smiles

If you are in the Melville area and are feeling like a treat, pop into 27 Boxes, find this shop as I believe this shop will satisfy that craving!

You can also visit them on Facebook and show them a little love!


Crumbs n Smiles 27 Boxes


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