tea.eats Taryn Gunn

tea.eats is my personal blog page devoted to the things I love the most…tea and eating.

I will be posting my favourite recipes, favourite places to eat and favourite places to drink tea. I also might be posting restaurant reviews of restaurants / eateries that I have been to that have sucked. These obviously will not be my favourite.

I can assure you that all reviews of eateries / bought food will be honest and upfront.

I am a qualified pastry chef, I absolutely love to bake, and while I bake, I drink (wine mostly, but sometimes tea). I find it always helps set the mood.

To contradict this, I am also a health nut. I grow my own vegetables and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle most of the time. I absolutely don’t believe in depriving yourself and so I bake and eat chocolate and drink wine from time to time. I hope to be posting some healthy recipes here too.

I envision that I will be sharing absolutely anything and everything food related here. Its my food journey and I am inviting you to join me.

I have so many ideas for this blog, so many posts I want to make, but for now I will take it day by day. Speaking of day by day, if you follow my Facebook page, you will get daily quotes or tips or pieces of inspiration from all my favourite chefs,

Remember to sign up for emails of my latest blog posts. Your email address wont be used for spam, promise! The greater the readership I have the further this blog can go and the more information I can get for you. So help me to help you!

I am always up for a chat, especially if it has anything to do with food. You are welcome to mail me at food@teaeats.co
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Love to you all!

Taryn Gunn