47 on Grant – Turkish Fusion in Norwood

Nadia Sha, the delightful owner of 47 on Grant, invited me to her Turkish Fusion restaurant in Norwood on Friday night to give a review.

47 on Grant

Nadia and her team welcomed us – as well as all their other guests – with open arms and huge smiles to 47 on Grant. From the get go there is this warmth and this sense of homeliness that is just so inviting.

Nadia Sha 47 on Grant
Nadia Sha – Owner of 47 on Grant

When placing our drinks orders, I noticed that they don’t serve alcoholic beverages. I did ask about this and Nadia advised that it was against her religion which I respected. She did accommodate though by adding a few mocktails to the menu – which we thoroughly enjoyed. I had the blueberry and elderberry mocktail and Husby ordered the cucumber and ginger mocktail (which he said was not only thirst quenching but also an excellent palette cleanser). They were very refreshing and a much welcomed option – I was not feeling the soda-vibe that night. If you think you will miss the alcohol, there is a bar across the road and a hotel a couple hundred meters down the drag for you to enjoy some pre-dinner drinks if you like.

blueberry-and-elderberry-mocktail 47 on Grant
blueberry and elderberry mocktail
ginger-and-cucumber-mocktail 47 on Grant
ginger and cucumber mocktail

To start, I ordered the Corba, which is a soup with lamb and lentils. My goodness! I could order buckets of this stuff and go home and bath in it! So delicious! Nadia makes it with a bone broth from her lamb spit braai and all natural ingredients and spices. She said that there was over 30 ingredients in the soup. All of the food at 47 on Grant is made from scratch using only natural ingredients and no manufactured goodies. You could definitely taste and feel the natural goodness in her food.

Corba 47 on Grant

Husby ordered the grilled halloumi cheese with dipping sauce. This was as tasty as halloumi gets. I do feel that the corba was the better of the 2 starters. There are other starters as well and I am sure they all taste fantastic.

47 on Grant

47 on Grant

While eating our starters, before placing our order for the mains, Nadia brought a piece from the lamb spit for us to taste. This was so juicy and succulent and tasty that it was a no brainer to opt for this for mains.  For variety, we also ordered from her vegetarian menu – the Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry.

47 on Grant
Lamb on the Spit
47 on Grant
Salads – Top Left: Parsley & Barley, Top Right: Strawberry & Avo, Middle Left: Watermelon & feta, Middle Right: Pomegranate Molasses, Bottom Left: Hummus, Bottom Right: Baba Ghanoush

47 on Grant

47 on Grant
Sri Lankan Pumpkin Curry

47 on Grant

All her mains are served with a flatbread and a choice of 3 salads. So because there was 2 of us – we got 6 salads – baba ghanoush, strawberry & avo, pomegranate molasses, watermelon & feta, parsley & barley and hummus. The more smooth and pureed ones went beautifully on the flatbreads and the chunkier salads were a delight to eat as they were. The whole meal was such a pleasure to eat and we felt satisfactorily stuffed. Keeping in mind that everything is natural and nothing is manufactured, it was a healthy meal to eat that didn’t leave us bloated or uncomfortable by the end of it.

I then ordered some apple and mint tea. It came hot in a glass – which is a bit difficult to hold when hot. While waiting for it to cool a little, I put my nose into the steam and savoured the amazing smells. Tasting it was even better. So sweet and refreshing and the perfect ending to a meal.

47 on Grant
Apple & Mint Tea

At this point I was not aware that they did dessert as it is not on their menu and so was surprised, pleasantly, when dessert was offered. I had a small piece of baklava as that is all I could fit in and Husby ordered some kiwi sorbet. Nadia doesn’t make the desserts herself but they are delicious. The sorbet was so irresistibly smooth and creamy and the baklava had the perfect ratio of syrup and pastry and nut.

47 on Grant
47 on Grant
Kiwi Sorbet

We sat inside for the sake of lighting when taking photos. There is an outside area that is the more popular seating area and had a lovely vibe. If you do go, opt to sit outside and enjoy your meal in an amongst the other guests, smelling the aromas of the lamb on the spit and enjoy the soft, romantic lighting.

47 on Grant
Outside seating area

I did however love the Turkish music playing in the background and it reminded me of the trip I took to Turkey 11 years ago. Lots of nostalgia was enjoyed through the music and also the beautiful lights they had on the inside.

47 on Grant
Turkish Lamps
47 on Grant
Turkish Lamps

47 on Grant

47 on Grant

For a restaurant that has been open for a mere 8 months, I think it is doing fantastically! Well done to Nadia and her team! It really is such a unique experience merged with phenomenal hospitality and exquisite eastern cuisine! Well done!

If I had to rate 47 on Grant here is how I would rate it:

Welcome – 5 Stars

Indoor seating ambience – 2 Stars

Outdoor seating ambience – 4 Stars

Taste of Food – 5 Stars

Freshness of Food – 4 Stars

Drinks – 3 Stars

Hospitality – 5 Stars

Would I go back again? – Yes

Would I recommend you go? – Definitely


**Disclaimer: Nadia invited me to enjoy a meal at 47 on Grant at her expense in exchange for a review. This said, the opinions are my own and the photos are my own.**



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